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The road to here began after school when I studied Veterinary Nursing at Onderstepoort.  There I discovered I was comfortable with handling all sorts of animals, managed to learn enough to pass, made great friends, met the man, generally had a fantastic 2 years.  Worked at the SPCA for 2 years, then moved to a private vet in Cape Town, married Pete, (the man), moved to Somerset West, and have been here for 30 years.  While the daughters were small I got into training German Shepherd Dogs for Schutzhund working trials and became fascinated with dog behaviour as a means to getting the darn dogs to listen! Attending animal behaviour lectures at a vet conference got me thinking about starting a puppy school, and that was confirmed by John Faull (animal behaviourist in CT), who helped me with my mad GSD.   Karen Grey-Kilfoil (ditto) became my mentor and I got started in 1998.  The vets in the area have been fantastically supportive and I’ve learnt from every single puppy who’s gone through my classes.

Always keen to learn and improve, last year I did 2 courses through ThinkingPets (See under ‘Websites I Recommend’ ) to ensure my methods and teaching was up to professional, modern standards.  Now I’m accredited as a ConfiPup and Puppy 2 instructor through TP.

The idea of blogging grew out of thinking about developing a website.  I wanted something I could keep adding to, with comments on classes, info on new courses, photos etc. so a blog seemed the way to go for now.

In case you think all I care about is dogs, dogs, dogs, I have 3 cats, used to breed Burmese, LOVE horses, dancing, reading, travelling, hiking!


Our beautiful, stubborn Uschi

Posted 09/07/2011 by Rose's Puppy School

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