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Penny, happy to be playing with Leigh. Sept 2012

Easy peasy! Penny and Leigh. Sept 2012

Henry and Humphrey are sure there’s more than just stones in the bo

Sheela, July 2012

Zuko, not too sure this is a good idea!

Zuko being brave!

L’Nanda and her busy Floyd Sept 2012
Is it edible? Monty Aug 2012
Jock & Margaret, Sept 2011, the only Cairn Terrier I’ve ever had in class

Alexander @ Graduation, Dec 2011

Pushkin @ Graduation, Dec 2011

Astrid, looking calm for a change:-) Aug 2012
Merlot flying!
Daring Daisy

Monty – ‘Hunter Gatherer’ Aug 2012

Pups having fun


Monty July 2012

I’m just too cute for my fur!

Getting a crick in my neck doing this ‘watch me’ thing!

Posted 10/08/2012 by Rose's Puppy School

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