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Rose Humphreys

We are situated in Somerset West, Western Cape.

Contact us at:


Posted 10/08/2012 by Rose's Puppy School

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  1. Hi there

    Hope this email finds you well?
    I want to find out more about the puppy training classes you give?

    We are receiving our Cocker spaniel puppy mid september, he will then be 9 weeks old.

    Can you please send me some more info

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Elri van der Merwe
  2. Are u presenting face to face classes yet?

    Elizabeth Lavies
  3. Goodday. I adopted a Africanis baby from HART, she was 7 weeks but, two days after,we had lockdown. The two of us in a flat with a cat. When we could exercise after 3 weeks I took her to the beach. She was a littles cared f all the big dogs. Kissed the small ones. We go daily and she loves it. She still is a very small Africanis and now 8 months. Very friendly just loves everyone. I ‘ve noticed she s a clever little girl. She can sit. Is it too late for classes now at 8 months? During lockdown, I could not afford any classes. Thankfully. Regards. Celia

    Celia Tjaden

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