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                                Me, a blogger?   You’re kidding right?

But then, I got thinking about a website for Rose’s Puppy School, and realised adding photos, updating ideas, training info etc could get tricky so this seems the way to go…for now at least.  Hence the heading.  That’s quite a theme of my life anyway, trusting for light for now, not trying to second guess the future.

After 12 years of doing my own thing in Puppy Playschool, I’ve joined Thinking Pets, am accredited as a ConfiPup trainer, and to celebrate new beginnings, I’ve decided to become Rose’s Puppy School and start a blog!  I’m still learning, it’s higher grade for me, but will tweak things and make it more interesting as I go along.

For now…here I go!

Posted 10/07/2011 by Rose's Puppy School in Uncategorized

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