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Been away from my blog for ages, can’t believe it’s May already.  It’s been a little quiet for puppies the last few weeks – always happens around this time of year.  Just wish it’d happen during winter so then I’d have less worrying about the weather.  We usually go on holiday May-June, it goes quiet for pups about April so when I’m available for class there are no pups, then they all start phoning a few weeks before we go away, so I can’t help them as there’s not enough time.  Old Murphy has fun getting it all wrong!  Sad to not be able to help owners and pups, sad to say goodbye to money!

This is Boris, just one of 4 Boerboels in class lately.  Such a super firm character, going to be huge!  Good luck Elle, Lynda and Helmien with your future giants.

As member of Good Hope GSD Federation Club, I’ve had my arm twisted to present a seminar.  As I’ve been reading and learning more and more about how dogs are and are not related to wolves, I’ve decided to talk about that for the first part of the seminar.  It’s important for trainers and owners to realize how our understanding of our dogs is affected by what we understand about wolves and the history of dogs.  The second part of the seminar will be related to puppy development, urgent things puppies need to learn, myths around dog training, and a bit about adolescent dogs.  It’s the first time I’ve made a power point presentation, so I’m hoping it’ll turn out well.  I’ve been enjoying the challenge anyway.